Wednesday, May 24, 2017

August Watchman Newsletter

  • The old story book rhyme says April showers bring May flowers. The rhyme probably rings true in different parts of the northern hemisphere. But here in the islands our flowers bloom all year round. We do have wet and dry seasons, but here in the Nu`uanu Valley it seems to be raining all year long.

    We are in the spring of the year, and our temperatures are moving back to the normal range of 85 degrees rather than those chilly winter temperatures of 65 -70. Spring is known for bringing new life and restarts of growing cycles.

    And for Christ’s followers, we come to the end of Lent and the glorious celebration of the resurrection. It is the glorious hope of living life in intimate relationship with the God who created us. We can do so because of the extravagant love poured out for us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

    Easter, the celebration of the resurrection, comes after the week of passion., the week of betrayal, suffering, and death. We must walk the Via Dolorosa in order to truly engage in the deep joy of the resurrection. We must know the grief in order to engage in the joy.

    I invite you to truly engage in the journey as we walk with Jesus to Jerusalem, through the excitement of Palm Sunday, to the darkness of betrayal on Maundy Thursday, to the depth of despair of Good Friday, to the solemnity of Black Saturday, then the arrival at the glorious celebration of Easter.


    Walking in the way. . . 

    Pastor Ron