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Kenneth and Teddi Chong

Richard Choy

Violet Ho

Yuk Jun Joseph

Herbert Loo

Florence Lum

John Mark

Bill Petty

Rose Pfund

Grace Wee

Julia and Richard Wong 

Community Church of Honolulu (CCH) was established in 1934 by college and high school children of first-generation Chinese immigrants, with the intent of being a congregation-based, inclusive community of faith that would reflect Hawai‘i's diversity.

We celebrate God's presence in our lives through inter-generational Sunday worship at 9 a.m., followed by fellowship and Christian Education opportunities. We seek to serve the wider community in Christ's love and humility. We invite you to join us in a community of faith, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with each other and all people.

Community Church of Honolulu is a member of the United Church of Christ, whose congregational ancestors brought Christianity to Hawai‘i in the early 1800's.

The purpose of this website is to invite you to come to know who we are as a people of faith. Please contact us if you would like to know more about Community Church of Honolulu.

We trust, if it is God's will, that you will come and enjoy a personal experience of how God is at work with CCH through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

After six months of severe chronic pain, having my body x-rayed, CT-scanned in numerous ways and waiting over two weeks for surgery approval, I have finally been approved for surgery.

Waiting takes such a large part of our lives! It’s a struggle to wait patiently: to find the peace of knowing that God is in the process, and to not become annoyed with people in the system who do their job without a sense of purpose. You know the type. “Don’t blame me. I am JUST doing my job”, and having no concept that how they do their job affects people’s lives. Waiting!

My Lenten commitment this year was to see every person that I come in contact with as gifts from God: to try to imagine what life is like through their eyes; to live out the Native American proverb of not judging until you have walked in the other person’s shoes. I have found that it has been very helpful in my waiting.

I have also found that in waiting, you can either be anxious or calm and still. I like to be still and know that God is God. One is obviously more empowering than the other. None of this makes waiting easier, but I am finding that even in waiting, we have options of how we can respond.

So I am waiting for my surgery to be scheduled; waiting to see if the surgery will fully diminish my pain; waiting for the next step in my healing process; and finding that physical and spiritual healing go hand in hand.


Thanks for all the prayers! I have sensed their empowerment, especially on days when the pain seems overpowering. I am so grateful to be a part of a caring, loving community.

Learning to wait,

Pastor Ron

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Calendar Note: 

Marshmallow Fight (Oct. 11th) has been postponed

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Ministries and Committees


BUDGET & FINANCE: Creates the CCH budget for Council/congregational input and vote. 


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Provides support necessary to keep facilities and landscaping in good condition. 


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS: Oversees facilities projects more than $5,000. Prioritizes short-term and long-term projects, conducts cost analyses and submits recommendations to Council. Provides support necessary to keep the facilities and landscaping in good condition.


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Provides comprehensive Christian Education program for all ages from crib-nursery through senior adult.   


COMMUNICATIONS: Provides communication to CCH members and friends about the life of the church.


DEACONS/WORSHIP: Deacons assist the Pastor in having our worship services run smoothly and in making sure the sanctuary is appropriately "appointed." 


FACILITIES: Help negotiate and monitor leases, oversee use of facilities. CCH members are entitled to special rental rates. Rooms available include Stephen Mark Hall, the Leigh Hooley Room, Founders' Room and selected rooms in the Makai Building.


FELLOWSHIP: Provides members and friends a time to fellowship with one another. 


MEMBERSHIP: Provides activities to receive and support visitors, new members and give general spiritual support to the whole church family. 


MISSION: Provides support activities to develop and promote mission programs locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally through special offerings and direct involvement. 


MUSIC/CHOIR: Provides music for worship services of the church. 


PERSONNEL: Writes policies and works with the minister and staff, overseeing personnel issues. 


STEWARDSHIP: Encourages CCH members to lead Christ-centered lives, become cheerful givers and actively serve as God’s stewards. 





OFFICE SUPPORT: Volunteer to assist the Administrative Assistant, help with Bulletins, mail/collate the Watchman Newsletter, etc.




FUNERAL SUPPORT: Assist the Funeral Coordinator



GRILL TEAM: Grille for CCH events  




MONEY COUNTING: Help count offertory and prepare bank deposit forms after worship on Sundays. 


OFFICE SUPPORT: Volunteer to assist the Administrative Assistant, help with Bulletins, mail/collate the Watchman Newsletter, etc


SUNSHINE: Help communicate with and serve those who are ill or home-bound.


YOUNG MEN’S TEAM: Participate in the Young Men’s Small Group.


WEBSITE: Help keep CCH's website up to date







Born and raised in northern Florida, our pastor served in the Marine Corps where he met his wife, Ku‘ulei — the Sergeant Major’s daughter. The two spent 14 years working in Tustin, Calif., as Christian Education Directors with the Navigators, a discipleship ministry developed during WWII to help people in the military. After sons Chad and Luke were born, Pastor Ron finished his degree in Christian Education. He received his Masters of Divinity from the American Baptist Seminary of the West, part of the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley (Calif.), serving as Student Body President while also working at a nearby church. He served at churches in rural Colorado and suburban San Francisco before his family followed its heart to Hawaii, ultimately becoming part of the Hawaii Conference of the United Church of Christ. He served as Associate Minister to Children and Family Ministries at Central Union before becoming our Senior Pastor in 2008.

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Through God's Grace we enable our members to grow and serve the whole community with Christ's love.

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